USDA Perimeter Security

Project Type:  Design – Build

Location:  Kansas City, MO


Scope of Work

Through SiTESPAN’s work in data centers and financial institutions we have developed a resume in perimeter security, to enable our clients to meet security guidelines stipulated by the SEC. This project consisted of a design-build full perimeter protection solution from vehicular threat. The project was originally a competitive bid process, but through elimination and value proven techniques, we were able to negotiate this project with the U.S.D.A.

    Project Detail

    This project consisted of installing an 80’ set-back security perimeter. The perimeter was compiled of 8-12 ton boulders, and a cable beam barrier manufactured by B&B Armor. At the emergency fire entrances, manual bollards were positioned for access by fire trucks. The remaining sections of security perimeter were secured using schedule 80 stainless and carbon steel bollards.

    The existing site conditions were utilized where possible to reduce the cost of demolition and new construction. The existing islands and curbs were utilized to form the new 80’ security perimeter. Existing gate arms and security devices were either replaced or relocated to fit into the new perimeter design. All access readers and communication devices were rewired and terminated at the existing security control room within the facility.

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