DST Perimeter Security

Project Type:  Design – Build

Location:  Kansas City, MO


Scope of Work

SiTESPAN implemented this project in three phases. Phase I included installation of a second perimeter fence and road along the 3,500 foot property line. The installation included security upgrades, such as new light poles every 100 feet around the perimeter, placing of security conduit for camera installation and fence detection around the full perimeter of the new road and fence.

Phase II of the project consisted of a Vehicle Entry Package which provided for the installation of hydraulic bollards, new traffic control arms and upgrades to the existing sliding gate system. These new Anti-Terrorist systems were integrated to work in series to control the flow and monitoring of traffic and personnel entering and exiting the facility.

Phase III of the project consisted of new control panels and the installation of a new interiors for the guard house to accommodate the new control panels installed to control and monitor the new security systems.

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