ISG Technology

Data Center Condition Assessment

Project Type:  Feasibility Study and Budget Exercise

Location:  Topeka, KS

Date:  March 2013

Scope of Work

SiTESPAN performed a condition assessment of the mechanical, electrical, fire protection and security systems for a new data center facility acquired by ISG Technology, Inc. The facility includes a 10,000 square foot, slab on grade, data center within the 17,000 square foot building.

    Project Detail

    SiTESPAN conducted a review of the existing ISG facility conditions included security, mechanical, fire protection and electrical systems.  SiTESPAN’s team then prepared a report documenting existing conditions and recommendations, equipment capacity evaluation, future growth limitations all including opinions of probable cost for recommendations. The overall goal of the report was to determine current health and growth potential in their current leased space then compare findings to industry standards as they relate to colocation facilities.

    Upon completion of the study, the SiTESPAN team created a business strategy report for developing a new data center space within the property. The plan is designed to phase and pace the capital expenditure with projected sales goals and revenue generation in four phases of build-out. The report included: Facility Strategy Overview Phased Approach, Capital Cost VS Revenue Strategy spreadsheet, Staffing Plan, and Preliminary Electrical Drawings and Facility Floor-plan and Isometric.

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