Fortune 100 Enterprise Data Center

Perimeter Security Risk Analysis

Project Type:  Analysis and Risk Identification

Location:  Portland, OR

Date:  August 2015

Scope of Work

SiTESPAN Identified potential security risk at Operations Center of a Fortune 100 Enterprise Data Center and recommended solutions.

The SiTESPAN team identified and recommended appropriate measures to re-mediate a vehicle protection risk identified in a recent analysis at the client’s operations center. The remediation recommendations included the design and build of an anti-vehicle perimeter barrier with a 50’ set-back and K-4 rating surrounding the exterior of the building, as well as appropriate perimeter protection that reduces the likelihood of an undetected breach in the rear of the property and tree line areas. The team also identified a vehicle access strategy that will provide segregation between employee/visitor/delivery traffic, while allowing space for additional screening of delivery vehicles when appropriate. An access control point to the data center area within the facility was also recommended.

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