Our people are the biggest and best asset that we offer to clients. And at SiTESPAN we all have a passion for being the best and creating an experience that exceeds our clients’ goals. Each one of us has a mission to help clients alleviate project stress by avoiding unnecessary downtime.

Meet the SiTESPAN leadership team and know we all are here for you, where ever you need us.

Tim Everson
Founder and President

Years of implementing complex facilities through both design and construction, Tim focuses on driving the team to continually redefine excellence; in both delivery and customer satisfaction.

Norm Nelson, P.E.
V.P. Hospitality Technologies

In the world of mechanical systems and commissioning, Norm is an industry leader in understanding how to alleviate current – and future – building problems through facility and critical system assessments.

Cliff Dunham, P.E.
Pharmaceutical Operations

Providing expertise and guidance to the applied mechanical engineering systems and overall approach to the design process from beginning to end Cliff helps ensure clients realize their goals using strategic business practices and collaborating with our team of industry experts.

Ed McGlinn
Project Operations

Combining years of complex and technical construction, Ed oversees construction operations, supporting the project management teams, and ensuring that each project is executed to the business needs of the client.

Russell Fotovich
Facility Operations

With 21 years of critical facility operations experience, Russell makes sure there is a blend of operational foresight in the design and construction of each facility.

Nancy Jankowski
Marketing Manager

With her holistic approach to marketing, Nancy focuses on how to better understand the client’s needs and complements SiTESPAN’s goal of exceeding our client expectations through branding, messaging and design.