Design | Build | Operate

We provide you—our clients—an interdisciplinary construction practice combining design, construction science and facility operations to relieve pressure points and bring operative knowledge across your site’s lifecycle—SiTESPAN.

We recognize:

  • Design decisions impact operations over the life of a facility
  • The cost and value decisions made during construction are tied to the cost of operations years from now
  • The relationship between design, construction, and facility operations, and align our services with your business strategies and goals

The SiTESPAN® approach marries design, construction, and operations, and applies those disciplines in parallel to optimize the lifespan of your facility.  We strive to reduce point-in-time costs and spread capital expenditures across a broader time-line.  This method mirrors your strategies, financial tools, and cash flow. We listen and adapt to your changing business needs.

SiTESPAN is an industry pioneer introducing balance to the lifespan of technical facilities.  Because our facility services go beyond design-build to OPERATE, we bring a perspective that aligns business strategy with facility execution and deliver a lasting advantage over the lifespan of a facility. We think beyond the here-and-now, past the infancy of a new facility and plan for property lifespan.  While grounded by best practice, the depth of our experience also affords an extensive pool of resources and partners that allow for tailored solutions to interconnected customer needs.

Design | Build

With the complexity of today’s enterprise, simplicity has become a virtue.  While technical construction is not simple in concept or context, our project delivery approach can offer peace-of-mind.  Through SiTESPAN’s Design/Build services, we offer our client a single point of contact for the entire construction process.   Our in-house professionals also specialize in full-phase delivery of design-build projects for the Technical Facilities, Mission Critical and Revenue Critical market specifically.

SiTESPAN believes proven success comes from project integration.  We are needs-based – blending customer vision with feasible design and construction methods.  We bring flexibility and create opportunity for value-add innovation and creative problem-solving.

The facilities we create and service either operate or impact your core revenue stream.  SiTESPAN’s Construction Project Management (CPM) services ensure alignment of business interests and objectives for building owners.  We become a valued partner, allowing for informed decision-making and process control.


Successful organizations commonly focus on targeted business specialties.  While general non-core business functions traditionally overlap in some regard, there is a difference in Technical Facilities business – the intricacy of technical facility operations is just as complex as the technical infrastructures they support.  Rather than trying to maintain in-house expertise, outsourcing is a viable business solution.

SiTESPAN is uniquely positioned to be a solution provider.  Not only do we have the functional skills to operate facility systems and technologies, but our design and construction insights offer a lifecycle perspective that provides comprehensive maintenance support.  We manage customer pressure points and protect capital investments over the lifespan of facilities.

 Our Facility Services include:

  • Facilities Staff Training
  • Building Operations & Maintenance
  • Energy Management
  • Facilities Engineering
  • Supplier/Vendor Management
  • Technical Facilities Services
  • Staff Augmentation

Choosing sitespan

When should you choose SiTESPAN? If you answer ‘yes’ to any of these questions, we’d love to talk with you about your business & how a relationship with SiTESPAN might work?

  • Do you have an existing Data Center, or other technical facility, and have plans to improve the facility, add to the facility, or improve the operations of the facility?
  • Are you a business with high-tech facilities, like Data Centers, and have future expansion needs?
  • Are you about to break ground on a new high-tech facility, and would you like someone to review your plans to ensure it is optimized for your budget, for the construction process, and for future operations?
  • Do you need a design partner for your facility?
  • Do you need an Owner’s Rep for your high-tech facility build?
  • Do you need a partner for Facilities Staff Training, Building Operations & Maintenance, Energy Management, Facilities Engineering, Supplier/Vendor Management, Technical Facilities Services, or Staff Augmentation?”