Boston Financial Data Services

Backup Emergency Generator 

  • Location: Lawrence, KS

Scope of Work

SiTESPAN installed of a 750 kW backup emergency generator and its associated switchgear for a call center that operates 7 days a week. Due to city codes, the generator required an enclosure. The enclosure at just 15’-4” in height, was constructed of split face block anchored to a cast-in-place concrete stem wall and spread footing. The electrical installation required the replacement of the 2,000 amp utility service entrance, the addition of a closed transition transfer switch, and a generator tap box for load testing.

Work was conducted in parallel with daily operations throughout the duration of the project, with final testing and conversion taking place during an off-peak maintenance window. This conversion required a complete building power outage to replace the main feeder. During the utility outage, the UPS system supporting all critical infrastructure was powered by a temporary generator. The conversion was scheduled and completed within a 14 hour window without disruption to critical infrastructure or daily business cycle.

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