We are ringing in the New Year with a lot to look forward to! Not only is our list of projects and incredible clients growing, so is the SiTESPAN Team! We are proud to have Jeremy Baxley joining our ranks.

Jeremy’s 26 years of extensive knowledge and experience in managing and operating technical facilities around the country brings another expert to the SiTESPAN team.  Jeremy’s background enhances our pursuit to provide the most innovative, holistic, intelligent and differentiated approach to solving our client’s problems. His expertise ranges from installing, commissioning and operating critical building systems, design and implementation of standard operating and preventative maintenance procedures, managing capital site planning and long-range capacity planning. He strengthens SiTESPAN’s goal of exceeding our client’s expectations. Jeremy, our hats are off to you! We look forward to sharing your expertise and A-team mentality with our partners and clients!

Jeremy can be reached at either: [email protected] or 816.365.9155


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