SiTESPAN exists to provide you with the most innovative, holistic, intelligent, and differentiated approach to Technical Facilities in the world. With our harmonized and highly-specialized design, build and operational services, we diligently execute every detail to exceed your expectations freeing you to focus on your core business.


Our vision is to become the most sought-after design firm, construction company and service provider for clients with high-tech business facilities. We will have the deepest relationships with our clients, where true collaboration sets us apart from our competition. We will become synonymous as Technical Facility Lifespan experts. We will attract the best-of-the-best—whether clients, employees, or business partners.


Responsibility: Our team members seek out responsibility and pay attention to every detail. We are a collection of self-motivated, highly autonomous people with an insatiable desire to exceed expectations at each and every client interaction.

Integrity: We act with integrity in everything we do.

Employee Satisfaction: At SiTESPAN, we believe in aggressively pursuing happiness and healthiness—both at work and at home. We support each other by actively encouraging positive, healthy lifestyle choices and opportunities for self-improvement. Live life well on your terms, with a team that supports your dedication!


At SiTESPAN, Technical Facilities are our life-blood. We understand that Technical Facilities represent more than just buildings. They are foundational to your business. The technical information these centers house represent YOUR life-blood—your business’ valuable data and information.  Any breach of trust with this data is a potential risk to your brand.

At SiTESPAN, we understand this. Our reason for being is to provide you—our clients—with peace-of-mind by mitigating risks to your brand associated with Technical Facilities. We accomplish this by offering you the most holistic approach to technical facilities in the world.

What does that mean? It means we focus on the lifespan of your facility at each and every touchpoint. Whether anticipating Design’s impact on future Build or Operations activities, or in providing on-going Operational Services to existing facilities, we pride ourselves in proactively uncovering the “gotchas” before they happen. It’s that intelligence and experience we bring to technical facilities which sets us apart from our competition. And, it’s our commitment to you—our clients—to go the extra mile as a partner in protecting your brand!


Our founder and President, Tim Everson, sits on the Board for the Kansas City Autism Training Center (KcATC). Additionally, Tim has been involved for almost a decade as a donor. The KcATC provides treatment plans for children ages two and a half to twelve diagnosed with autism. They design and provide interventions that employ applied behavior analysis (ABA) and are individualized for each child. KcATC’s goal is for every child served at the Center make socially valid changes that are important to the child and his/her family that results in the child being able to succeed in a less restrictive environment.

SiTESPAN assisted in the construction of the new KcATC & Adstra Day School Facility.

To learn more about the Kansas City Autism Training Center, or to make a donation, please visit